💩 I Hate GMB 💔

Negative reviews and comments about GMB Fitness

"GMB is the height of mediocrity."
~ Anonymous Redditor

looks like frogger and yoga had a retarded love child - Jerry Wu
it's always the real winners in life who use made-up names and brag about being lightweight alcoholics
he doesn't look very happy
YouTube commenters are the actual worst
nick wants a refund for a program he bought years ago because he's still upset about an april fools joke five months ago
i don't need your approval, but it's really important for me to tell you just how much i don't need it, because i'm very secure
Kevin Lowe thinks all GMB's clients are paid actors
some guy who determines the credibility of an exercise instructor by whether or not he likes their shirt, hahahaha good luck
Mike Doyle doesn't enjoy the format
wow, great pep talk
"Not interested in debating. Prove me wrong" ~ Matt Spooner
Huge waste of money. Don't buy.
whoever posted this deserves to go to hell
They must have a gutter-level listening base.
horrible capoeira - Banding Hendrix
It's not for me.
LAME!!! - John Braje
the height of mediocrity

Who hates GMB?

  • Those who need to be the best, most elite fitnessers (or at least act superior to people with other priorities)

  • People who are mainly concerned with getting "jacked" or other primarily aesthetic concerns

  • Anyone who'd prefer to follow a guru or authority figure than take on the challenge of exploring for themselves